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Market Update

Most stock trading systems are “full position in-or-out” systems.  X_DEV averages you into a play in partial positions.  This cuts the risk to your overall investment considerably.  X_DEV normally signals multiple trading opportunities at extreme moves in price so you have a better chance of catching the highs and lows in the stocks trend.  On the X_DEV chart below you can see the multiple buys (green arrows) and sell signals (yellow diamonds).

Deviation Bands are Different…

The deviation bands are a proprietary innovation and will not be found in any other technical analysis software.  

Only X_DEV can harness their awesome power.  The red and green bands in the chart above are automatically rendered and placed by the computer.  The blue bands are also automatically rendered and placed by the computer, but these bands are adjustable.  The user spaces them in 1% increments until they capture just the right amount of buy and sell signals. 


Only Part of the Equation…

Not only does X_DEV find the best buy and sell targets,  X_DEV also tells you exactly how many shares to buy or sell based on the amount of your original investment.  You plug in the numbers you wish to begin the investment with and X_DEV will tell you exactly how many dollars to spend, and how many shares to buy when the time is just right.   All to save you time and effort and be as stress free as possible.  In only a few seconds you will have all the information needed to make a wise decision on any stock you are interested in.